Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should you wait before buying a monument?
A: Usually a family would try to purchase a monument within one year of the date of death. Most families start this process within one month of the death. The grieving process is different for each individual and only you know when you are emotionally ready.

Q: What other products can be added to the monument?
A: There are many products to choose from such as vases, candles and photographs, to name a few.

Q: What about personalizing a monument?
A: How would you like to remember the person being memorialized? Did that person have a hobby, a favorite poem or favorite place? Today's technology allows monuments to be shaped in any form. Techniques such as sandblasting, shaped carving, sculpture and etching allow scenes and portraits to be placed directly on the memorial, thus enabling you to tell the story of your loved one's life. Your memorial artist is most experienced in helping you individualize your memorial.

Q: Are mausoleums an option?
A: More and more people are choosing a mausoleum today than any time before for remembering someone in a very special way. Mausoleums can be a building with stained glass windows and a bronze door (called a walk in mausoleum). They can also be a smaller above ground building that has no windows or doors (called a crypt) where the person is entombed. You will find that if you choose to explore the option of a mausoleum, you will find that they are relatively affordable in today's market.

Q: What are typical monument styles?
A: With today's technology a memorial artist can create a variety of monument styles, shapes and sizes. 1. Flush markers - these are placed flush with the ground 2. Bevel markers - these are not very high above the ground, with the back of the stone being a few inches higher than the front. 3. Slant markers - these stand typically 16 or so inches above the ground with the back of the stone straight vertical, and the front sloping at about a 45 degree angle. 4. Traditional upright monument - these are typically a two piece memorial consisting of the monument and a base that it is attached to, or a one piece monument (called a monolith) with a portion of it buried into the ground. 5. Ledgers - these are flat to the ground memorials, which cover the entire individual's grave. 6. Garden memorials - these memorials can range from benches to urns to sundials to almost anything you could imagine.

Q: What are monuments made of?
A: Monuments are usually made of granite, marble or bronze. Granite is the most common material. It is available in many colors and is the most durable of the choices. Marble monuments are usually white in color. The surface will wear away over time due to the environment. Bronze is a brown man made metal used most often for flat markers and statues.

Q: What do I need to know about purchasing a monument?
A: Most people have never bought a monument before. Your local full service monument company will have all the information you will need to know for this process, including any regulations that your cemetery may have.

Q: How can I find a local monument dealer?
A: Full service monument dealers who are members of the Monument Builders of Connecticut are listed on this website. You can call them, write them or E-mail them directly. As a member of Monument Builders of Connecticut each monument dealer promises to follow fair and honest business practices and these practices help you, the consumer.

Q: Where can I buy a monument?
A: The best place to purchase your memorial is from a full service monument dealer. A full service monument dealer is a professional memorial artist who only deals with monuments. He or she can help you design a memorial to best remember your loved one. Their business is only monuments, so they are the experts for this very important choice you have to make for your family. A funeral home or cemetery trying to sell you a stone may contact you. It is in your best interest to visit your full service monument dealer before making your decision. It really makes no sense to purchase a monument from a "middle man" like them, when you can go directly to the memorial professional. Remember, this is the monument dealer's only job, it is not an "added on sideline" to boost profits, as it is for many funeral homes or cemeteries.

Q: How much does a monument cost?
A: Price depends upon the material and its quality, shape, size, design, lettering, and personalization of the monument. Prices will range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending upon the various styles of memorials. The memorial artist at your full service monument dealer can help you choose a memorial that remembers your loved one and fits your budget.

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